Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Recognition of "Beauty"

It is October from today. Please enjoy my English blog at the beginning of the month.

I feel the beauty in various domains like Art, Design, Music, Fashion, Ceramics, Nature, Cooking, and so forth.
The world overflows with beautiful things.
Jiro Aoyama addresses "The beauty does not accept intuition. The beauty goes beyond contents." in his book.

When thinking about this "beauty," I recognize tracing two routes and reaching the thought in my brain.
By the difference of how to trace the route of my thought, we will witness the appearance as a difference of "beauty consciousness" and "aesthetics."

First, I will consider "beauty consciousness" as one route when feeling that something is beautiful.
If this is beautiful, from the numerousness of the quantity of image saved in a relation with the five senses such as form, a color, taste, a sound, the feel in long time, the contents appear for the words. Under these situations, we have "beauty consciousness" for itself. For example, as for the art of the Japanese tea, we cannot understand the good point after having passed through a tongue, eyes, and manual experience many times if there is not it.

Additionally, I focus more on "aesthetics" as another route of beauty discovery.
We must evaluate the beauty of the thing based on the context which another person judged to be beautiful. In the case, we will have the experience that the evaluation of ancient people strongly act on our judgments.
Because the "aesthetics" is a one minute field of the study, I rearrange the thing which I felt if beautiful for words once and conceptualize it, and we argue about quality of the beauty.
For example, we are argued with aesthetics terms such as symmetry, proportion, frontality, and so on.

At all events I recognize that I do not have any problem when we feel something is beautiful even if we trace either route of "beauty consciousness" or "aesthetics."
Finally, It is very important that you can feel heartily that anything are really beautiful.

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