Monday, February 01, 2010

Eyes of February

February has come!!
Various events wait in February 2010. At first it is the Vancouver Olympics. Personally, a new project is going to begin, and the Okinawa trip that served as a visit to spring training of Hanshin Tigers waits.

In such a various movement, I want to advance while thinking about the following contexts.
I asked myself what kind of thing, including design, fashion, etc., really appealed to me.
When I explored what really attracted me, I realized it was something that had a certain aura that changes the surrounding atmosphere, or that immediately gives me an emotional lift. Moreover, I think about the system of how it excites my emotions, there are always elements that enable impossibility (it could be a small thing).

Through this February, I will look for something which enables impossibility to let my heart become exalted.

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