Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Memory of March to New Normal of April

My memory of March 2009 is focused on doing WBC victory.
A piece of March Memory is in the following Photo:
Empire State BLDG celebrating Japanese baseball as No.1.

And now, April starts!!
In Japan, April is the month for new departure.
So, on the occasion of this new departure, I will discuss the keyword expressed “New Normal.”
I want to think about what in America is called the “New Normal” in Japan.
In general, The cocept of “New Normal” created by Roger McNamee is built through the following five points: 1) The power of Individual, 2) The diversification of the choices, 3) The importance of the decisions , 4) Technology & Globalization, and 5) Occupation.

Here, I want to think about what in America is called the “New Normal” in Japan.
For example, young Japanese consumers have turned their attention to local brands, which offer not because of price but for the uniqueness. Designers from the high-end and manufacturers known more for value are entering into arranged marriages outside of their social standing.
Comme de Garcon's highly successful collaboration with H&M raised awareness for the retailer because Ms. Rei Kawakubo is not your "normal" attractive brand designer.
In addition, two weeks ago,the announcement of Jil Sander's new partnership with Uniqlo performed both the designer and Mr. Tadashi Yanai.

Jil Sander & Uniqlo

The new world order means that collaborations are the new order where unlikely relationships will equal survival or growth. Perhaps, in Japan where the history of the brand collaborations is the deepest, such a strategy may prove whether an occasional exclusive product and PR are worth being more than it. What is interesting about the Jil Sander and Uniqlo partnership is that both pride themselves on high quality within their respective price category. Some of the early newsmaking collaborations often lacked in quality and a contemporary expression of “value”, which will be important in today's culture of “New Normal.”

Under our global economic crisis, we must focus more on the above viewpoints of “New Normal.”

Anyway, How was your April Fool's Day?

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