Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thinking about "Breakthrough" on July 1st

I like word “Breakthrough.” This word includes the positive meaning of clearing the door for innovation or getting over any problems.

Recently, the world economy that various problems surfaced at a stretch possesses it for a coming situation for stabilization again and continues groping for it. Under these situations, we must right break through those difficulties.

As the prescription for a beginning of the solution of various problems in global market, Harvard Business Review(HBR) provides “Breakthrough ideas for 2009.”

Twenty power concepts for 2009 are the following:
01. Consumer Safety for Consumer Credit
02. Now's the Time to Invest in Africa
03. Just Because I'm Nice, Don't Assume I'm Dumb
04. Forget Citibank - Borrow from Bob
05. Harnessing Social Pressure
06. The Rise of Forensic Economics
07. A Looming America Diaspora
08. Institutional Memory Goes Digital
09. The Business of Biomimicry
10. The IKEA Effect: When Labor Leads to Love
11. Beware Global Cooling
12. The Dynamics of Personal Influence
13. Western Union World
14. State Capitalism Makes a Comeback
15. Launching a Better Brain
16. Stumbling to a Longer Life
17. What You Need to Know About the Semantic Web
18. How Social Networks Network Best
19. Should You Outsouce Your Brain?
20. A Central Nervous System for the Earth

These ideas are constructed various domains like Architecture, Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Biology, Futurology, and so on. In short, HBR proposes that many problems which the current world has mean what you should exceed by the entirety of the intellect.

Therefore, I want to regard words called the “Breakthrough” as important.

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