Tuesday, September 01, 2009

American Eyses: Japanese Design Thinking

It is September from today. A day to write blog in English at the beginning of the month.
At the end of this August, the Liberal Democratic Party & the Clean Government Party coalition political power collapsed, and the system from 1955 accomplished an end in a true meaning.
In addition, Hanshin Tigers accomplished the first monthly net win in this season, and Tigers let the magic of the Yomiuri Giants turn off the light.
Expression called the inversion offensive may be right suitable for the end game in August.

Under these situations, I had a meeting with a certain person, and it was it in a topic called the possibility of the design in Japan in the conversation.
Therefore, today's blog theme in the beginning of Sept. does not mention a phenomenon of the end of the summer called politics and sports and wants to think about “creative” after a long absence.

I think that there is not the form called“the ultimate”in a design.
This meaning is very important. Because the room growing up consistently wins through up to the meaning that there is not ultimate form. In other words, the design swallows various sense of values and reconsiders it from zero base once again and can grow up. Particularly, I think that there is the most various fun in the Japanese way of design.

When I think about how the foreign countries will stare at the Japanese way of design, I arrived at the article: “Japanese Design's Greatest Hits” that Time Magazine featured.
Through this article, we will witness the representative of the Japanese way of design which foreign countries accept. Those choice is very interesting.

“Transistor Radio TR-63” to “Walkman”

First, SONY's Design. SONY's transistor radio: TR-63 was the smallest at the time (1957) of release in the world. This radio is done innovation of afterwards to that“Walkman.”

“Corolla” to “Prius”

Until 1997 TOYOTA's Corolla was sold most in the world. Then, the success by the functional design in TOYOTA's Corolla leads to sale worldwide of Prius (the first mass-produced hybrid car and a symbol of Japan's eco-friendly obsession) in 2001.
In a Japanese way of design, I can understand that the existence of TOYOTA & SONY is too big.

Hello Kitty (1977)

Super Mario Brothers (1985)

Through choosing two characters that there are many fans in the world as a Japanese way of design, I feel that this article is editing by a person knowing Japan well.

I think that choice of this next is excellent.

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake's 1994 Spring/Summer Collection. Through this fashion show, the whole world praised the new technology of his piece of cloth highly.

Tadao Ando

This article introduces Japan pavillion at the 1992 World Expo in Seville, Spain.

Spirited Away

The best work of Japanimation, “Spirited Away.” This will be explanation-free. This Hayao Miyazaki's 2001 film won an Academy Award.

In this next two choices, I was surprised a little. The American having a practised eye power is a great thing.


The Orochi

These two products, humanoid mannequin robot called “Palette” in 2005 and Japanese carmaker Mitsuoka designed “the Orochi” are future intention.

I thought about the Japanese design of the overseas viewpoint in form called past/present/future. It was the sense that freed the treasure chest which innovation, an idea, a zero base thought were packed with.


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