Sunday, November 01, 2009

November's Thought

It is already November.
In the speed more than my thought, I advance at time.
Under this situation, to dam up that time passes a little, I take the following phrases in my heart and want to spend this November creatively.

First phrase is "Design should be about creativity. Design means creating the future not the present." by Tokujin Yoshioka

Second one is "Ideas that used to formerly treated with negativity gradually reveal their positive aspect, and what was thought to be passive and restrained, such as listening and adjusting, are uniquely described as being rather exactly the more creative and productive behaviors." by Kumiko Inui

Third one is "Design thinking relies on our ability to be intuitive, to recognize patterns, to construct ideas that have emotional meaning as well as functionality, to express ourselves in media other than words or symbols." by Tim Brown

Finally, I want to savor the following phrase: "The natural evolution from design doing to design thinking reflects the growing recognition on the part of today's business leaders that design has become too important to be left to designers." by Tim Brown

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